Rebuilding a Mazda 626 around 1992

Ahhh – Humble beginnings…

Here’s a classic picture of me rebuilding my little brother’s Mazda 626 at the “request” of my Mother back during the winter of 1992.

Seemed like I was always getting calls from friends and co-workers for repairs they didn’t have time to do…and didn’t want to pay a shop to do.

One day, a friend suggested I start offering this little service to the public…especially since I loved it so much!

Here’s how it works:

1.)  If you are on Facebook, “like” my page here.
•  I provide little tips, reminders, discounts, etc.
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•  I provide little tips, reminders, discounts, etc.
3.)  Familiarize yourself with my services here.
4.)  When you need help, fill-out my order form here.
5.)  You & I will find a time that’s convenient for YOU
6.)  I come to your home or office with the parts and fix your car.
•  No dealership waiting room with bad coffee
•  You’re home or at work, do whatever you normally do.

7.)  You pay me and I’m out of your hair until you need me again.
•  You know what your charges will be before I get there.
•  Cash or PayPal

Thanks for stopping by & let me know what I can do to help you!