GPS safety

A GPS unit is a WONDERFUL thing!  What did we ever do before we were told, “Turn left in 500 feet” and shown a little map of where we are??

Here’s a hitch….thieves.

Today, a customer of yours truly posted that their GPS was stolen out of their car.  This immediately set-off a warning bell in my head!  I was genuinely concerned for their safety!

Here’s what happens:

  1. Thief cruises the mall parking lot looking for a car that
    1. is easy to break into
    2. has a GPS unit stuck to the windshield
  2. Thief steals GPS
  3. Thief presses <HOME> on the unit and is given turn-by turn directions to YOUR HOUSE (which is empty…since you’re shopping at the mall)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What can I do?

  1. When you park somewhere, take your GPS unit down and toss it in the glove box
    1. I know…it’s a pain…but then again, so are insurance claims
  2. When you program your <HOME> address, use the intersection closest to your house or, if there is a business/restaurant/anything commercial down the street, use that!
    1. I know…you don’t live there.  You just want something close so your GPS will still route you home correctly when you press <HOME>…you should be able to get there from the intersection less than a block away.

For instance, I live on N. Forest Rd. in Williamsville.  However, if you press <HOME> on either of our GPS units, they take you to the Sunoco station at Maple Rd & N. Forest Rd.  That’s close enough for us.

Stay safe out there!  I care!!

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