Monthly “Big Brother” Care Package

After many requests, we’ve come up with a service that is GREAT for a wide variety of people around Western NY!

Once a month, we come to your home and give your car a check-up that can save you $ and keep you safe!!

What’s So Good About This?

** AAA has a list of 5 things to check before a road trip, this service covers 4 of them! **

1.)  Safer driving
———-windshield wipers & washer fluid refills keep your windshield clean!
———-lights stay working…you can see the road….others can see you!

2.)  Save money on tires
———-proper inflation and tread wear checking make them last longer!

3.)  Get better gas mileage!
———-clean air filters and properly inflated tires save you money!

4.)  Save $ on NYS inspections!
———-lights checked each month (expensive to replace at the shop)
———-reminder service (2) months before your inspection is due
—————don’t get a $55 ticket from the police!


Who Could Use This?

1.)  Students  (away from home for the 1st time?)
2.)  Family of deployed military (discounts available)
3.)  Busy Parents / Caregivers
4.)  Seniors (discounts available)
5.)  Singles
6.)  Anyone that doesn’t want to worry about basic car maintenance.


What Do I Get Each Month?

  • Check Exterior Lights
    • Headlights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Back-Up Lights
    • replace as needed (cost of part only)
  • Windshield Wipers
    • Check condition
    • Replace every 4 months (Winter blades installed from Nov – Feb)
    • Refill washer fluid every visit
  • Tire Check
    • Check tread depth
    • Inflate to spec (even the spare!)
  • Filter Checks (replace as needed – only for cost of parts)
    • Engine Air
    • Cabin Air (if equipped)
  • Reminder Service
    • Oil Change
    • NYS Inspection
    • NYS Registration


Ok…What’s the Cost?

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Ready to get taken care of on a regular basis?

Go to the Order Form and check-off “Monthly Care”.
I’ll give you a call and we’ll take a look at the schedule!

Once we settle on a package, day of the month, location & time – I’ll send you an
electronic invoice & we’re ready to go!

* Military Discount: A valid Military ID (an identity document issued by the United States Department of Defense to identify a person as a member of the Armed Forces or a member’s dependent, such as a child or spouse) is required.

The primary types of U.S. military ID cards being issued today are the CAC (for active duty members of the military), the DD Form 2, and Department of Defense Form 1173, for retirees and dependents. The DD Form 2 is commonly mistaken with the DD 1173 (as they are similar in appearance), however they are two separate forms. The DD Form 2 form number is appended with one of five codes to denote branch of service (A, AF, N, MC, or CG).