Turn Signals

When you activate your turn signal, does it blink real fast?  Not sure what I mean, check-out the quick video clip.

Chances are, you need a turn signal bulb replaced.

Here’s the problem(s):

1.) People behind you don’t know where you’re going.
2.) People in front of you don’t know where you’re going.


Think of all the times you think some jerk in front of you didn’t use their turn signal:

  • Changing lanes
  • Driving down a city street…then stopping to parallel park
  • Slowing down to turn into a driveway
  • Pulling out of a parking spot
  • Pulling into that prime spot at the mall (without a signal)

Now imagine that they thought they were using a signal…but it wasn’t working.

Now imagine that person is YOU…embarrassing huh?  And dangerous!

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